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IMAGES: All images should be CMYK.  Converting RGB images to CMYK is NOT included in the listed price and will incur additional charges.  Images should be AT LEAST 300dpi at actual size.  It is recommended that images be placed in graphics programs at size and without rotation.

BLEEDS: We do not charge extra for bleeds, but we DO require that they be included in your artowrk! 1/8" Bleeds are requested on any artwork that runs off the edge of the page.

FONTS: Please include ALL fonts used in your artwork.  If possible, convert text to curves.  Do NOT use the "bold", "italic", "shadow", etc. buttons in your control pallette.  These effects do not work reliably with RIP devies and may delay your job.

If working in Microsoft Publisher or Word, please send a PDF file to avoid delays in processing your order and additional prepress charges.  DO NOT use Publisher Clip Art or Illustrations  In Word, Embed your fonts!  Open Tools-> Select Options-> Choose Save tab-> Check Embed TrueType Fonts box.

PREFLIGHT AND PROCESSING: Our prices include time to preflight and process your job the FIRST TIME.  It is your responsibility to insure that your file meets the specifications outlined herein.  Should we require art be resubmitted, additional graphics handling charges may be applied to your job.

All prices listed herein pertain to jobs that reflect the following procedure:
Job Submission;  Proof Generation;  Proof Approval;  Print Production;  Finishing/Bindery;  Delivery

For these published prices to be honored, jobs much operate in a "normal turnaround" schedule.  This means that a proof will be generated in 1-2 business days from file submission.  Once approved, jobs will be completed in 3-5 business days.  Normal turnaround time does not take into account edits, alterations, special or custom print requests, faulty or incompleted digital files, or custom finishing/bindey.

All pricing and turnaround times can be found in the latest version of your Thermo-Fast catalog. Prices and terms are subject to change.  If you are uncertain about current terms, please request a quote before submitting your order. Any files submitted will be produced as they are received. Thermo-Fast makes no guarantee for color match or spot color conversion unless specifically quoted as such  Thermo-Fast is not responsible for artwork or type which is submitted incorrectly.

(Same ink color, same stock, same quality, different information)
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Please list any other processes your order may need besides printing (ex: folding, scoring, cutting, raised ink, embossing, saddle stitching). If you have already received a quote, please reference the number below.
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