Envelope Construction

There are several parts that lead to the construction of anĀ envelope. Some are for aesthetics and may be selected for style or branding reasons. Other items like size and style of flap can have an impact on mailing, particularly using automated equipment. Finally, paper and budget can have an impact. Feel free to call or contact us online with any questions you may have.

Seam Styles

  • Diagonal Seams: envelopes with pointed flaps have diagonal seams
  • Side Seams: envelopes with square flaps have side seams
  • Center Seams: usually catalog style envelopes, side flaps meeting and overlap in center
  • Single Side Seams

Flap Styles

  • Pointed Flap
  • Commercial Flap
  • Square Flap
  • Wallet Flap
  • Euro Flap

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